A beautiful woman in a quiet moment from a Denver boudoir photoshoot.

What It Feels Like When You See Your Boudoir Images For The First Time

This style of black and white boudoir is one of my favorite ways to capture the authentic nature of a woman’s feeling about herself, without pretense.

Sometimes seeing is believing…in yourself, in your images, in how impactful the experience of a Boudoir photoshoot can truly be.

Gasps, tears, disbelief, squeals, full blown giddiness, deep satisfaction, unabashed joy…these are just a few ways my Boudoir clients react when they see their images for the first time from a photoshoot with me.

It’s not that they are seeing someone who doesn’t look like themselves, it’s quite the opposite. They’re looking at a version of themselves they knew existed, but perhaps hadn’t witnessed, certainly not in such a personal, tangible way.

Whatever you think your Boudoir photos are going to look like…I promise you, they will be better, exponentially better. How do I know? Because a part of my top tier service is dedicating myself to bringing your dreams to life, and exceeding your expectations; no cookie cutter sessions.

My client wanted to embody a Goddess, so I created an ethereal and painterly style set for her. I draped her in silky fabrics and adorned her with one of my many eccentric crowns.

Do you dream of a Boudoir photoshoot that includes being covered in roses, a romantic floral wall, a steamy milk bath, satin sheets, artistic abstracts, the Old Hollywood glamour of movie stars, or something that’s in your mind but you haven’t dared to share? I pride myself on providing a customized luxury service that crafts a Boudoir photoshoot experience that’s as unique as you and your ideas are.

My client living an Old Hollywood Glam cabaret dream wearing one of my Top Hats, a lace mask, and gloves from my VIP wardrobe closet in her Boudoir photoshoot with me.

Don’t take my word for it, watch the video below to see a real client seeing her Boudoir images for the first time.

She wanted to embody many beautiful versions of herself, including a dark angel, a Goddess, and a cabaret performer.

Are you ready to make your dreams come true and bring out your inner diva?

What are you waiting for?

Whether you are already in the Denver-Metro area of want to plan a special visit, I can’t wait to help you plan your dream photoshoot & help you fall in love with yourself!


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