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Who Are My Clients?

Who are my clients?
My clients are battling cancer and coming to terms with their physical and emotional scars.
My clients are reframing their body image after overcoming eating disorders.
My clients are entering the journey of womanhood and seeing themselves as independent women for the first time.
My clients are entering a new phase of life, thrilled and terrified by what those changes will mean.
My clients are moms reclaiming their identity as a beautiful, desirable woman.
My clients are celebrating their lives after coming out of a divorce, and an upheaval of the life they once knew, setting their intentions for the best being yet to come.
My clients are proud of their great accomplishment and want to celebrate their victory.
My clients are redefining at what age a woman stops being beautiful, spoiler alert-never.
My clients want to look and feel gorgeous and not apologize for it.
My clients have every shade of skin, freckles, moles, wrinkles, and the stories of who they are embossed in their smiles and offered as a gift through their eyes.
My clients are women, at every age, stage, and shape of their beautiful and ever evolving lives.
My clients are AMAZING!

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